“This week in Cognitive” is focused on providing developers with a weekly look at what’s new and exciting in the area of Cognitive Services and Pre-Built AI.

This week Noelle LaCharite takes a look at the newly Generally Available service called Unified Speech as well as some preview services in speech that are fun to play around with. We will walk through the resources you need to get started and show you a demo that will get you thinking about how you can use Cognitive Search, Bots and Custom Speech to deliver delightful experiences to customers.

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Hurricane Florence hit the US East Coast nearly seven weeks ago, yet the cleanup is on going and many people’s lives are still not back to normal.In this DataPoint, Andy talks about the importance to remembering that there are people behind the statistics and data we gather.

What prompted me to think about this was how in the first few years after 9/11, I had shared my photos of the event with a researcher at NIST. In email exchange, I remember explaining to him that I would send him more data after I “another memorial service, third one this week.” He wrote back snarkily, “you know a lot of dead people.” To which I replied, “I knew a lot of people in the Towers.” He wrote back quickly, apologizing how his excitement for data collection got the better of him and he never really thought about the people who died and that he’s not just researching a fire, but a mass murder.

That interchange stuck with me and, as I saw parallels between our excitement about “Andy Weather,” I thought it would be a teachable moment.It also helped that he was down in NC to volunteer to help the people whose lives have been upended by the storm.

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