Daniel Gutirrez attended the recent GPU Technology Conference (GTC): “Deep Learning & AI Conference,” in Silicon Valley, March 23-26 as a guest of host NVIDIA.  He wrote this thoughtful round up of the event.

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang delivered another one of his patented marathon keynote address which unveiled the company’s vision for the upcoming year. The company had to move the keynote’s location from the San Jose Convention Center to a very large hall at San Jose State University (complete with pedicabs provided by Kinetica). At around 2 hours and 40 minutes, Huang’s seamless and riviting keynotes are masterful with no notes or teleprompter used. He outlined a new moniker for all of NVIDIA’s GPU accelerated computing libraries – CUDA-X. As he does during each of his keynotes, Huang introduces a new term of the day, in this case it was PRADA for Programmable, Acceleration, Domains, Architecture.

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