When Mixed Reality meets the Internet of Things through Azure Digital Twins, a new way of accessing data materializes. See how Interknowlogy mixes Azure IoT and Mixed Reality to deliver not only stunning experiences but also accrued efficiency and productivity to workforce.

Travis Schilling and Bret Faller from Interknowlogy show us the SmartHotel360 IoT and Mixed Reality demo which is a complete end-to-end solution involving platforms like Azure Digital Twins and Azure Spatial Anchors.

Learn more about these sample applications:

Learn more about Digital Twins: https://docs.microsoft.com/azure/digital-twins/

Learn more about Interknowlogy: https://interknowlogy.com/

In my latest column in MSDN Magazine, I explore R and what makes it a powerful and elegant language for exploring and manipulating data.

A robust developer community has emerged around R, with the most popular repository for R packages being the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN). CRAN has various packages that cover anything from Bayesian Accrual Prediction to Spectral Processing for High Resolution Flow Infusion Mass Spectrometry. A complete list of R packages available in CRAN is online at bit.ly/2DGjuEJ. Suffice it to say that R and CRAN provide robust tools for any data science or scientific research project.

Here’s an interesting read on the importance of re-skilling the workforce to be ready when the robots and/or algorithms take away many (all?) of the jobs.

Recently, Amazon floated the idea that it would be fully automated in a decade: Not all of the 125,000 people who work at Amazon warehouses have to worry about losing their jobs to robots — not for 10 years or so, anyways. On Tuesday, Scott Anderson, director of Amazon […]

Here’s a great intro/refresher for SQL/RDBMS developers who are curious about getting in to data science.

What is Structured Query Language (SQL) and why is it so integral to data management? Some time ago I wrote 7 Steps to Mastering SQL for Data Science , a post which attempted to aggregate and organize some of the available, free quality material into a short but helpful […]