AI may get all the headlines, but it is impossible to create good algorithms without data, lots and lots of data.

Here’s a thought provoking piece on the three critical components of AI.

Guess which one is the most important?

AI is leaping all around us everywhere we look, both in areas that border on science fiction, like self-driving cars to the more ordinary tasks like what show should I watch on Netflix/Amazon. AI is continuing to have an enormous influence on almost every walk of life, from businesses to civilization.

Are you interested in Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and OpenCV, but not sure where to start?

Then this step by step guide is for you.

Follow these steps to get OpenCV configured/installed on your system, learn the fundamentals of Computer Vision, and graduate to more advanced topics, including Deep Learning, Face Recognition, Object Detection, and more!

Dani, a game developer, recently made a game and decided to train an AI to play it.

A couple of weeks ago I made a video “Making a Game in ONE Day (12 Hours)”, and today I’m trying to teach an A.I to play my game!

Basically I’m gonna use Neural Networks to make the A.I learn to play my game.

This is something I’ve always wanted to do, and I’m really happy I finally got around to do it. Some of the biggest inspirations for this is obviously carykh, Jabrils & Codebullet!

My latest MSDN article is now available.

This month, I explore R and the TidyVerse.

Loading Data with readr The readr package provides a fast and easy way to read rectangular data files, such as .csv files. It can flexibly parse many types of data files, while handling errors robustly. To get started, create a new R language Jupyter Notebook. For details on Jupyter […]