HDFS Tiering is Microsoft’s latest contribution to the Apache HDFS open source project.

In this video, learn how to use the HDFS tiering feature in SQL Server big data clusters, to seamlessly get access to your remote HDFS compatible storages for querying and analysis.

To learn more, check out our documentation: https://docs.microsoft.com/sql/big-data-cluster/hdfs-tiering?view=sql-server-ver15&WT.mc_id=dataexposed-c9-niner.

Here’s an interesting new feature to Azure: exporting to data lake.

This simplifies the technical and administrative complexity of operationalizing entities for analytics and managing schema and data.

In fact, within a few clicks, customers will be able to link their Common Data Service environment to a data lake in their Azure subscription, select standard or customer entities and export it to data lake.

We are super excited to announce the Export to data lake (code name: Athena) preview to our Common Data Service customers. The Export to data lake service enables continuous replication of Common Data Service entity data to Azure Data Lake Gen 2 which can then be used to run […]