AI is no longer poised to change the world at some point in the future. It’s already here and changing the world right now.

VentureBeat rounded up some of the top AI minds to ascertain where the field is headed this year.

As we begin a new year and decade, VentureBeat turned to some of the keenest minds in AI to revisit progress made in 2019 and look ahead to how machine learning will mature in 2020. We spoke with PyTorch creator Soumith Chintala, University of California professor Celeste Kidd, Google AI chief Jeff Dean, Nvidia director of machine learning research Anima Anandkumar, and IBM Research director Dario Gil.

Research shows that 25% of those who make New Year’s resolutions, give up within the first week!

Instead of making up vague and unclear resolutions, put a little more thought into it and set achievable goals that will help your career.

Here’s a great read from news24.

Studies show that when people have realistic and specific goals that align with their abilities and expertise, they can be achieved and lead to greater personal and professional satisfaction. Picture: iStock/Gallo Images A new decade has arrived amid economic turmoil and political challenges, industry changes and uncertainties – globally […]

A research paper from Google Health published in Nature magazine has reported that machine learning, based on Google’s TensorFlow algorithm, can be used to reduce the level of false positives in breast cancer scans.

In the Google Health paper, based on training an AI algorithm to identify breast cancer using a large representative dataset from the UK and the US, the researchers reported an absolute reduction of 5.7% in false positives in the US dataset. The UK dataset exhibited a 1.2% reduction in false positive results.

Quantum physics is no longer just for academic researchers or engineers working on quantum computers.

It is quickly becoming a national security imperative.

How quickly quantum advances will influence military power will depend on the work of researchers like Jonathan Baugh. A professor at the University of Waterloo in Canada, Baugh is working on a device that’s part of a bigger project to develop quantum radar. Its intended users: stations in the Arctic run by the North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, a joint US-Canadian organization.

Here’s a great round up of the top 10 Arduino projects of 2019.

10. Secret Knock detecting Lock:

9. Self balancing Robot

8. DIY Vending Machine

7. Coin Counter

6. Ball and Plate PID Control

5.Easter Egg Painter

4. DIY Time Machine Glove

3. Multimeter Data Glass

2. 3D Wire Bending Machine

1. Wall-E Arduino

Will Kwan was told he wasn’t beautiful enough to be an Instagram model so he used a generative adversarial network to generate some beautiful Instagram people to pose for me.