While the report referenced in the article below specifically calls out the job market in India, I believe the core insights will apply globally, specifically the top 15 emerging jobs for 2020.

Moreover, a McKinsey report has also predicted that the technology sector will sustain up to 65 million jobs and deliver $1 trillion in economic value to the Indian economy by 2025. However, in the coming years, there will also be an increasing demand for professionals with good managerial skills to support tech businesses.

Last March, Google took the unveiled Coral, a collection of hardware development kits and accessories intended to bolster AI development at the edge. It

launched in select regions in beta before graduating to a wider release in 36 countries last October.

Ahead of the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show, Google announced new additions to the Coral family that’ll become available later in the year.

First up is the Coral Accelerator Module, a multi-chip package that encapsulates Google’s Edge tensor processing unit (TPU). The module exposes both PCIe and USB interfaces and can easily integrate into custom PCB designs, and the tech giant says it’s been working closely with manufacturing partner Murata ready the module for shipment in Q1 or Q2 2020.

At the recent DEFCONConference, Nina Kollars explains her experience buying Nespresso coffee capsules.

In 2018 I somewhat innocently bought very expensive coffee (Nespresso capsules) online from Ebay. What followed was a series of unexpected additional packages from the manufacturer Nespresso and a lurking suspicion that something had gone terribly–if not criminally–wrong as a result of my purchase.

This talk chronicles the obnoxious amounts of obsessive research and tracking that became my new hobby–stalking Nespresso fraudsters and my decidedly non-technical attempts at developing a generic search profile and reporting the fraudsters to anyone who would listen, to include : the persons whose identities had been stolen, Nespresso, Ebay, and the FBI. Ultimately I just ended up with a LOT of coffee; a lingering sense that I had committed several crimes; and no faith left in humanity.