I started coding at age 11, when my parents caved in and got me a Commodore 64.  When I asked for money to buy a game to play on it, my mom said there was no money for that and that I should “write my own games.”

This was a good decade before Netscape went public and, while the internet did exist, it was only available for university researchers, the military, and government. We also didn’t have a modem, so no BBS systems to get advice on how to learn to program.

All I had was the reference guide that came with the computer and insatiable curiosity. I was not actively encouraged to learn to program, in fact, mostly the opposite.  Even my parents thought it was a waste of time. Programming was not seen as a viable career path or even a useful skill.

Nowadays, it’s very different. Coding is all the rage and the kids have access to more information and tutorials than ever before.

Here’s an interesting story about how kids are “leveling up.”

Siddhant Attavar, 14, of National Public School, Bengaluru, started with robotics lessons when he was in class four. Gradually, he began doing online courses on app development. “Now I’m trying to learn machine learning using TensorFlow (a free and open-source software library). There are a few sites online where […]

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