Every language has libraries.

To be a good programmer, it is not necessary to know all the libraries there are in any language. However, there are some libraries that every developer should know well.

Heres a good run down of data science and AI libraries every Python developer should know.

The integrity of Python has led to many developers building fresh libraries for it. Because of the vast number of libraries, Python is becoming very popular among machine learning professionals too.
So if programmers get to know the following 23 libraries really well, they can accomplish a lot in their day-to-day jobs.

OpenAI Gym is a well known RL environment/community for developing and comparing Reinforcement Learning agents.

OpenAI Gym doesn’t make assumptions about the structure of the agent and works out well with any numerical computation library such as TensorFlow, PyTorch.

The gym also provides various types of environments.

In this hands-on guide, learn how to develop a tic-tac-toe environment from scratch using OpenAI Gym.

In this episode, Damien sits down with Alison Hawke, QA practice lead, World Wide Technology, to talk about how changing the way your team does testing can improve your software, and make your lives more fun.

With bonus eavesdropping, apprentices, donuts, and soak tests. They talk about what to automate, how to train a newbie QA, and why QA people have one of the best jobs in software.

Time Index:

[03:06] QA people eavesdrop all the time

[03:11] Bribery as a means to better software

[04:38] Test automation, what and why

[06:45] Soak testing to make small defects huge

[07:21] Starting a QA practice in a company

[08:35] Training QA apprentices

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