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Part 1: Opening Keynote and Demo

  • MLOps and ML Platforms State of the Industry, opening Keynote with Matei Zaharia, Co-founder and CTO at Databricks and Clemens Mewald, Director of Product Management at Databricks – – Slideshare:
  • Operationalizing Data Science & ML on Databricks using MLflow (Demo) with Sean Owen, Principal Solution Architect at Databricks –
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Who doesn’t appreciate good BBQ?

Well, maybe some people don’t but I certainly do and that means more for me. Winking smile

In this video, Cam Soper comes on to show us another one of this home projects.

Cam tells us the story of how a Raspberry PI, a chat bot, and a little .NET Core allows him to control his smoker and make great BBQ!

Time Index:

  • [00:34] – Kansas City BBQ
  • [01:52] – Building the PID controller
  • [03:35] – Exploring the components
  • [04:31] – Light it up
  • [07:00] – Creating the Skype bot
  • [10:42] – The Bot commands
  • [12:16] – Further resources

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