Speaking of NVIDIA, Microsoft Developer takes a look at the latest device in the NVIDIA Jetson line of GPU-accelerated IoT devices, the Jetson Xavier NX.

A device which brings supercomputer-class performance to Edge applications in an ultra-compact form-factor.

To demonstrate this, we configure the device with Azure IoT Edge and deploy the NVIDIA DeepStream SDK Module from the Azure Marketplace to produce object detection telemetry with Azure Stream Analytics then push those results into Time Series Insights and Power BI.

Come see how the pairing of NVIDIA devices and Azure IoT Services make for a first-class solution of AI at the Edge!

Learn more about NVIDIA DeepStream on IoT Edge: https://aka.ms/iotshow/NVIDIADeepStream

NVIDIA’s DGX A100 is the world’s first 5-petaflops system.

It packs the power of a data center into a unified platform for AI training, inference, and analytics.

Sure, this video is short on content, but I like seeing what one of these looks like on the inside, if only a few moments. Smile

LUIS enables developers to quickly create enterprise-ready, conversational applications that communicate with a user in natural language.

In this video, learn about the improvements in the LUIS portal and the new features that enable you to build more sophisticated models than ever before.

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