Developers generally exhibit a strong affinity (usually paired with an equally strong hatred) for certain frameworks, libraries, and tools.

Which ones do they love, dread, and want the most?

Stack Overflow, as part of its enormous, annual Developers Survey, asked that very question, and the answers provide some interesting insights into how developers work.

Some 65,000 developers responded to the survey, and the sheer size of that sample makes these breakdowns a bit more interesting to parse. For example, although game developers might have strong opinions about Unreal Engine and Unity 3D (which placed high on the following lists), those aren’t used at all by the bulk of developers concerned with A.I. and machine learning, who have strong feelings about TensorFlow that many other developers might not share. In other words, given the high degree of specialization involved in many frameworks, libraries, and tools, it seems problematic to declare any of them the ‘most loved’ or ‘most dreaded’ among developers overall.

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