Earlier this week, I added my 61st certification to my LinkedIn profile. This relentless push towards certification was to transition from developer to data scientist.

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the job market and accelerated the demand for all kinds of technical skills. Many people are looking to reskill and change careers.

Here’s a report on the impact of the pandemic on jobs, skills and certifications based on data from the firm’s latest reports IT Skills Demand and Pay Trends Report and the IT Skills and Certifications Volatility Index.

For example, edge computing for the Internet of Things (IoT), security control at the device level, and “hyperautomation“/robotic process automation are just some of the areas of expertise that are hot and getting hotter due to pandemic-induced changes in consumer habits, growing security threats and industry realignments, according to David Foote, chief analyst with Foote Partners, LLC. Meanwhile, formerly hot specialties such as data privacy and carbon-reducing technology have seen slackening demand.

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