GitHub Actions makes it easy to automate all your software workflows.

Tim Heuer joins Scott Hanselman to saunter through the process of deploying .NET Core apps to Azure using GitHub Actions.


  • [0:00:00]- Overview
  • [0:00:19]- Project setup
  • [0:04:02]- Configuring the workflow
  • [0:07:29]- Build job – setting up the environment
  • [0:13:18]- Build job – configuring the build
  • [0:16:07]- Getting the publish profile from Azure
  • [0:17:45]- Build job – handling secrets
  • [0:20:37]- Build job – deploying to Azure
  • [0:22:34]- Actions tab in GitHub and workflow log review
  • [0:24:59]- Adding artifacts to the job
  • [0:27:59]- Wrap-up

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