In this video Krish Naik discusses common myths vs. the realities around the field of Data Science.

Time stamps:

  • 00:37 You need to have a PHD or Masters Degree
  • 01:59 You need a Data Science Certification To Become Data Scientist
  • 03:45 Your Previous Work Experience Is Not Important
  • 05:21 You need to be from Computer Science/ Stats or Programming Background
  • 06:45 Data Science Is All About Model Building
  • 08:20 Kaggle, Hackathon And Real World Projects Are Same
  • 10:03 Most of the time of the project is invested In Model building
  • 11:12 You need to be very good at Coding to get into Data Science
  • 13:04 Freshers can’t get AI jobs
  • 15:45 Final Suggestion From Myside
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