I know that most of you visiting this site are coming for AI and Data related content. However, in this world, if you want to get your message across, you need a website.

While WordPress has its flaws, it’s the easiest to setup and the ecosystem around it is second to none.

To that end, I think this course was worth sharing.

Learn how to build a completely custom website using WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, and Elementor. You will learn how set up your local server, create the design, and build a custom WordPress theme that works with Elementor.

The design section is sped up because it is just an example about how the design is done. You can create your own design or use a preexisting design.

Once you have learned how to build out your website, you will learn how to get it from your local server to a production server and how to setup SEO, security, and caching the right way.

Don’t worry if you don’t know much PHP. Everything you need is explained in the course.

Course Contents

  • (0:00:00) Intro
  • (0:00:49) Designing Your Website (Speed Art)
  • (0:03:03) Setting Up Your Local Server
  • (0:04:50) Create Your WordPress Database
  • (0:05:33) Download WordPress
  • (0:06:26) Installing WordPress
  • (0:08:07) Install Elementor and Theme Plugins
  • (0:09:43) Creating Your Theme Files
  • (0:11:57) Using functions.php to Set Up Your Theme Defaults
  • (0:21:39) Creating Default Theme Pages
  • (0:23:41) Install Your Theme
  • (0:25:24) General Setup
  • (0:32:05) Creating Header and Footer Blocks
  • (1:01:25) Creating Your Home Page
  • (1:35:18) Create Custom Post Type and Meta Boxes
  • (1:42:02) Creating Shortcodes Using Your CPTs
  • (2:16:10) Modifying Columns for Your CPTs
  • (2:24:13) Create Your Menus
  • (2:29:45) Creating Additional Pages
  • (2:33:04) Create Single Pages for Your CPTs
  • (2:51:25) Create A Form
  • (3:03:16) Create Elementor Section Templates
  • (3:20:00) Create Another CPT
  • (4:27:18) Validate and Modify Mobile
  • (4:34:50) Export Your Website for Production
  • (4:46:12) Recommend Security, SEO, and Caching Plugins
  • (4:48:10) Setup Security
  • (4:56:25) Setup Caching
  • (5:01:13) Setup SEO
  • (5:08:51) Wrap Up
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