Recently, I had a chance to use Microsoft Lists at work. Needless to say, I was curious to learn more and how to import data into the platform.

April Dunnam shows us how to use Microsoft Forms data in Microsoft Lists.

Microsoft Forms is a great tool for creating simple input forms for scenarios such as surveys, sign ups, and quizzes. In this video you’ll learn how you can take your Microsoft Forms data and put it in Microsoft Lists for easy collaboration, automation and reporting.

I’ll show how you can leverage Power Automate to take new forms responses and add them to your Microsoft Lists, as well as how you can take existing forms responses and add those to your list.

GraphQL supports the ability to subscribe to event streams to enable somewhat real-time scenarios for both clients and servers.

In this episode of the On .NET show, HotChocolate author Michael Staib returns to show us how to enable real-time data fetching with GraphQL using subscriptions .

Video Contents

  • [02:02] – What is real-time data fetching?
  • [04:30] – What are subscriptions used for?
  • [05:48] – Setting up a GraphQL client in Blazor (Demo)
  • [10:55] – Updating the GraphQL schema with fragments
  • [16:38] – Updating the Razor components
  • [24:48] – Using GraphQL variables
  • [28:18] – Adding subscriptions

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