The Basic, Standard, and Premium service tiers fulfill a lot of customers’ needs.

For some customers, though, the General Purpose, Business Critical, and Hyperscale service tiers offer additional performance and ability that is required for certain workloads.

Even if you don’t require those abilities, the technology and infrastructure behind these are worth learning.

In this episode with Matt Gordon, we’ll discuss those service tiers as well as discussing the differences between Provisioned and Serverless deployments on the General Purpose tier. Come learn how to ramp up your Azure SQL Database experience!


I do not envy anyone who has to stand guard in front of a business and enforce any mask wearing policies.

What if this task could be automated?

Well, here’s an article that shows you how to set up a Raspberry Pi Face Mask Detection System and sound an alarm when someone is not wearing their face mask.

This project was inspired by a video of a mall in Asia where an entry gate could only be activated by a user wearing a face mask.

When a user approaches your webcam, the Python code utilizing TensorFlow, OpenCV, and imutils packages will detect if a user is wearing a face mask or not. Users not wearing a face mask will be designated with a red box around their face, and users wearing a face mask will see a green box around their face with the text, “Thank you. Mask On.” Users not wearing a face mask will see a red box around their face with, “No Face Mask Detected.”

About a year ago, I read AI Superpowers by Kai-Fu Lee which details the struggle between the US and China for AI supremacy in the 21st century,

That got me thinking about a map I once made for the School of AI.

The US vs China debate leaves out one key player: India.