I do not envy anyone who has to stand guard in front of a business and enforce any mask wearing policies.

What if this task could be automated?

Well, here’s an article that shows you how to set up a Raspberry Pi Face Mask Detection System and sound an alarm when someone is not wearing their face mask.

This project was inspired by a video of a mall in Asia where an entry gate could only be activated by a user wearing a face mask.

When a user approaches your webcam, the Python code utilizing TensorFlow, OpenCV, and imutils packages will detect if a user is wearing a face mask or not. Users not wearing a face mask will be designated with a red box around their face, and users wearing a face mask will see a green box around their face with the text, “Thank you. Mask On.” Users not wearing a face mask will see a red box around their face with, “No Face Mask Detected.”

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