Join Anna Hoffman and Buck Woody as they take a tour of the incredible learning resource the Microsoft Engineering team has put together. From labs to full hands-on workshops and much more, you’ll find a wealth of high-quality, free-cost training. You’ll also learn about many of the other valuable references and assets you can find at SQL Workshops.

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In this video Chris Seferlis gives an overview of Azure Synapse Link, a newer feature of the Synapse Analytics Suite of tools.

Find out why this feature is important, the way it moves Operational Data to Analytical Data, and what you can then do with it.

More details about the service and some great tutorials can be found here:

Aggreko is a leading provider of temporary power and temperature control solutions, serving customers across the globe as they work on projects ranging from the Olympics to aiding humanitarian disaster relief. In this talk,

In this session learn how the Insights team have developed scalable machine learning solutions to support the business.

In particular, learn how fuel consumption forecasts helped Aggreko’s fuel logistics teams improve customer service levels and reduce costs by becoming more proactive and insight driven.