Azure Quantum is where the most innovative quantum computing and optimization solutions converge in a single marketplace.

When developing on Azure Quantum, you accelerate your development lifecycle by building your quantum solution once and running it on multiple systems with little to no change.

As a decision maker, Azure Quantum is your best path to leverage the latest optimization technologies from Microsoft and our partners, as you seek long term cost-saving solutions.

As a researcher, student, or quantum enthusiast, you will broaden your learnings through the access to the most diverse set of quantum technologies.

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Boston Dynamics highlights a new addition to Spot.

Now that Spot has an arm in addition to legs and cameras, it can do mobile manipulation. It finds and picks up objects (trash), tidies up the living room, opens doors, operates switches and valves, tends the garden, and generally has fun. Motion of the hand, arm and body are automatically coordinated to simplify manipulation tasks and expand the arm’s workspace, making its reach essentially unbounded.

The behavior shown here was programmed using a new API for mobile manipulation that supports autonomy and user applications, as well as a tablet that lets users do remote operations.

The future has arrived.

Azure Quantum, the world’s first full-stack, public cloud ecosystem for quantum solutions, is finally open for business!

You can access quantum computing capabilities in the cloud from our hardware partners, Honeywell Quantum Solutions and IonQ, through their trapped-ion quantum systems. Honeywell’s system leverages mid-compute measurement and qubit reuse, allowing developers to write quantum algorithms in uniquely impactful ways. IonQ’s system offers a dynamically reconfigurable system for up to 11 fully-connected qubits that lets you run a two-qubit gate between any pair.