In this latest episode of Azure Unblogged join Sarah as she talks to Bharath Sivaraman, Senior Program Manager on the Azure Migrate team.

Bharath covers off how Azure Migrate can help companies with their migration projects, whether it involves servers, web apps or databases.

Bharath walks us through demos of the discovery and assessment capabilities of the product as well as showing us how it can help with your Azure VMware Solution (AVS) migration.

The abundance of automation and tooling made it relatively manageable to scale designs in complexity and performance as demand grew.

However, the power being consumed by AI and machine learning applications cannot feasibly grow as is on existing processing architectures.

Where do we go from here?

New Mind explores.

Anastasia Marchenkova explains what a quantum annealer is, and what can it do?

While they rely on the same quantum mechanical concepts, quantum annealers are especially great for optimizing solutions to problems by quickly searching over a space and finding a minimum (or “solution”) and also sampling problems.

For optimizing solution, you can think of this as looking over a landscape and finding where the low point is. An annealer does that!

Join Dona and Sarah in this episode of Less Code More Power where they have the amazing Paul Burns on the show sharing what happened from a huge event in his life, and how he chose to use Power Platform technology to turn this event into an opportunity to help others.
Paul Burns is Managing Director of Practical ISO Ltd and you can connect with him on LinkedIn here:
Check out Paul on Twitter: