Container registries are repositories for storing container images, but who should use them?

Which one should we choose and why are they important for cloud native applications?

Steve Lasker sits with us in Building 99 today and talks about registries and more specifically Azure Container Registry and the practices around using them for your applications.

Clearly, we are now in the age of data and it’s important to consider what’s next.

Research from Gartner shows that more than half of businesses (54%) want to use data and analytics to improve process efficiency within their strategy, with enhancing customer experience and new product development tied in second place (cited by 31% of respondents).

It’s clear that businesses today are looking at different ways to leverage data as a way to glean intelligent, actionable insights – with the ultimate goal being to outpace fierce competition and drive differentiation.

Pindex has a thought provoking video on what AI means for humanity.

Will AI bring immortality or extinction? Narrated by Stephen Fry, exploring predictions by Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, Ray Kurzweil and Nick Bostrom.

Sure, there’s quite a bit of hyperbole and fear mongering, but it’s an interesting thought experiment.

Whether you realize it or not, AI is here.

Object detection now plays a very important role in our lives, from face detection to unlock your smartphone to detecting bombs in public places such as airports, bus terminals, etc.

These features are a result of the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence research.

Here’s an article covering how TensorFlow can be used to identify objects.

Security and surveillance cameras are very widely used across organisations, so it is important to enhance their effectiveness while saving manpower costs and preventing human errors. In such scenarios, image/video analytics plays a very important role in performing real-time event detection, post-event analysis, and the extraction of statistical and operational data from the videos. Video analytics (VA) is the general analysis of video images to recognise unusual or potentially dangerous behaviour and events in real-time. It can perform three major tasks — provide information, offer assistance, and generate alerts.

If dogs are man’s best friend, then what does it say about the future when AI can train dogs.

All jokes aside, this is a creative use of computer vision.

Computer vision is key to how the machine works, detecting a dog’s comportment in real time to tune its delivery of rewards to reinforce desired behavior. It remains to be seen how well it can approximate the experience of a skilled human trainer, though SF SPCA says it will soon release a peer-reviewed case study on how the machine worked with one dog suffering from separation anxiety which, by definition, manifests itself when no trainer is around to address it.

Machine learning’s growing adoption in business across industries reflects how effective its algorithms, frameworks and techniques are at solving complex problems quickly.

Open jobs requiring TensorFlow experience is a useful way to quantify how prevalent machine learning is becoming in business today. There are 4,134 open positions in the U.S. on LinkedIn that require TensorFlow expertise and 12,172 open positions worldwide as of today.

IDC predicts spending on AI systems will reach $97.9B in 2023, more than two and one-half times the … [+] The global machine learning market was valued at $1.58B in 2017 and is expected to reach $20.83B in 2024, growing at a CAGR of 44.06% between 2017 and 2024 […]