Corom Thomposon shows powerful pattern for extracting meaning from a large set of unstructured documents.

This demonstration shows off the power of both Cognitive Services, Azure Search, and a number of other techniques to both visualize and explore the latest set of information released by the government pertaining to the JFK assassination.

Brian Cox is physicist who serves as professor of particle physics in the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manchester.

Best known as the presenter of science programs in the UK, especially he has authored or co-authored over 950 scientific publications.

In this talk at the Royal Society, he tackles AI and Machine Learning  in this panel discussion.

Siraj Raval has a video explaining the Unity and it’s new AI tool.

Creating 3D AI in a simulated world is actually pretty easy using Unity. It’s a powerful tool and I’ll go over its new ML Agents toolkit, that allows researchers and developers to build/train ML models in a 3D simulation. It’s pretty fun watching it in a 3D world, lets break down the code and concepts.