Curbal shows you how to unpivot tables with DAX. (whether or not you should do it in DAX may be a different question)

She then unpivots them using Power Query so you can see the difference, and how Power Query can be faster and more efficient for cleaning data.

It slices! It dices! And it’s hard to imagine doing data science in Python without it. NumPy is a keystone Python library that’s crucial to learn. Fortunately,  Giles McMullen has you covered with this five minute tutorial of NumPy!

How do you migrate your .NET application to current standards? What exactly is .NET Standard anyways? And what is the future of the .NET Framework?

Carl and Richard talk to Rocky Lhotka about his approach to migrating existing .NET applications to .NET Standard. Rocky explains that many folks ask him about moving to .NET Core, but getting to .NET Standard is an easier move (but likely not easy) and offers more options in the long run, including .NET Core. The process starts with getting your .NET application upgraded to at least .NET 4.6.1, but it goes on from there – many organizations have a huge portfolio of older .NET applications – Rocky offers a plan to modernize!

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