Here’s an interesting announcement that may or may not be related to a recent DataPoint I recorded at MLADS.

Nvidia and Microsoft have joined forces to offer a cloud HPC capability based on the GPU vendor’s V100 Tensor Core chips linked via an Infiniband network scaling up to 800 graphics processors. The partners announced during this week’s Supercomputer ’19 event that the GPU-accelerated supercomputer running on the Azure […]

Microsoft Research has posted this interesting video:

To develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that can understand the world around us, it needs to be able to interpret and reason about the world we see and the language we speak. In recent years, there has been a lot of attention to research at the intersection of vision, temporal reasoning, and language.

One of the major challenges is how to ensure proper grounding and perform reasoning across multiple modalities given the heterogeneity resides in the data when there is no or weak supervision of the data.

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In this episode, Abel Wang chats down with Ram and Gopal about how you can do DevOps into SAP – a traditionally difficult task.

SAP developers have unique challenges beyond what we find with other software development. Continuous integration and delivery is difficult because of the way that code is integrated deeply into the SAP system itself.

But there’s a way to deliver fantastic outcomes using great DevOps practices to deliver solutions for SAP using both SAP itself, and Azure DevOps. Join Ram and Gopal to find out how!

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Keiko Harada joins Scott Hanselman to show how to use Prometheus to monitor containers in Azure Monitor.

Prometheus is a popular open source metric monitoring solution and is a part of Cloud Native Compute Foundation.

Customers who like the extensive metrics which Prometheus provides on Kubernetes also like how easy it is to use Azure Monitor for containers which provides fully managed, out of the box monitoring for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) clusters.

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Azure Open Datasets is platform to host data from the open domain such as weather, socioeconomic statistics, machine learning samples, open images, GitHub activity data, etc. on Azure.

Learn more about why are we hosting open data on Azure, how to explore the datasets and how to use them in Azure services such as Azure Machine Learning.

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Here’s an interesting use case for AI in public transit.

TransLink has announced that following a successful pilot program it will be expanding its artificial intelligence program to improve bus departure estimates. “Customers will be able to better plan their journey on TransLink’s new bus network, with a new machine-learning algorithm,” the company said in an email. The AI […]