Ready to learn a bit about Kubernetes? If you’re like us, you’ve been wondering what this whole “container orchestration” thing is all about. This week, Jonathan Creamer returns to share Five Things that Kubernetes can do for you. Also, Burke foolishly gives away his credit card, Jonathan drinks coffee and the wrong guest makes a surprise appearance.

Nicole Berdy joins Olivier on the IoT Show to demonstrate how the Azure IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service can be used to implement zero-touch provisioning of (a lot of) IoT devices.

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Here is a primer to introduce the concepts of deep learning with a specific focus on computer vision. It covers concepts including CNN’s (Convolutional Neural Networks), deep learning and transfer learning. It was created as an introduction for people getting started with machine learning and specifically deep learning to explain some of the commonly used terms and introduce some of the popular approaches to solving computer vision challenges.

James Baker joins Lara Rubbelke to introduce Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, which is redefining cloud storage for big data analytics due to multi-modal (object store and file system) access and combining the best qualities of a dedicated analytics file system with those of a cloud-scale object store.

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The 4th of July holiday tomorrow marks the 242nd year since the United States declared independence from Great Britain. July 1st, aside from being Canada Day, also marks the start of the new fiscal year at Microsoft.

To commemorate a festive week, here’s a quick little video I rendered. 🙂