While pundits decry the lack of interest in STEM fields, there are a few kids out there who really like to push the envelope. Take, for example, the story of David Hahn. The story reads like a sci-fi coming of age comedy, but it’s true.

The saddest part of the story, however, is how David met his end. It seems like someone with his intellect and drive should have been at least have been mentored or received a scholarship. With the recent push towards “STEM ALL THE THINGS,” David’s life can be a cautionary tale.

At the recent Azure AI Fest, I had mentioned the work being done to train self-driving car AIs using video games like Grand Theft Auto V.

And, yes, Virginia, a kid on his own PC at home can compete with a multi-million dollar company at the same task. For reference, see Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple. True story.