Angel Wong demonstrates the AP2 (AutoPilot V2) features of her new Tesla 3. It’s not quite autonomous driving, but it is really close. I wonder how long it will be before consumers will come to expect this feature on all new cars.

Of particular interest to me is the “training period” where Autopilot is not available as the car is learning about your normal environment and your driving habits. Sounds a bit like a little transfer learning is going on.

MongoDB’s CTO and Co-Founder, Eliot Horowitz, provides a comprehensive introduction to MongoDB in under 5 minutes. In this video, he walks through how the document model differs from a relational database, and how MongoDB’s distributed approach guarantees elastic scalability and always-on availability.

If you watch this are concerned about the future of RDBMS databases, don’t be. Traditional databases are certainly not going anywhere and, of course, are not well suited for every situation.

Storytelling is at the heart of human nature and Natural Language Processing is a field that is driving a revolution in the computer-human interaction. That is what makes AI Pix2Story so fascinating. Watch and see see how to teach an AI to be creative, be inspired by a picture and take it to another level.

AI Lab Pix2Story link
Pix2Story Azure Website link