Miao Jiang joins Scott Hanselman to walk through a conceptual framework for building a CI/CD pipeline to automate the deployment of APIs into Azure API Management.

Learn about common automation challenges with API Management and how the suggested approach addresses these challenges. For a demonstration, see: Build a CI/CD pipeline for API Management, Part 2.

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The workforce of the future will require to have a different set of skills or even skills that the schools of today provide.

Realistically, this means on the job training and upskilling of employees.

For instance, employees need to know how to use wearables in their daily job, how to provide effective instructions to robots and “cobots,” and how to repair a motor without formal training.

The workforce of the future learns in a different way to the workforce of the past. As a first step, businesses need to define the exact skillset needed for their very own factory of the future. Then, dedicated courses and materials (mockups, case studies, projects) need to be defined and developed.

If you’re not familiar with the Wu Tang Clan, they are a rap group originating in the oft forgotten part of New York City called Staten Island.

My father grew up in the same Stapleton neighborhood as the founding members of the Wu Tang Clan.

There was a “throw-away” line of dialogue in the Hulu series “Wu Tang: An American Saga” that goes something like:

If it hadn’t been for winning that race, the island (Staten Island) would have gone to New Jersey and all those [offensive term for Irish American] would have moved here instead of Bayonne”

Having spent much of my formative years in Bayonne and being of half Irish American descent myself, the phrase piqued my curiosity.

Eerily enough, the YouTube algorithm must have also known as they recommended this video, which details the race.