Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the latest in a long line of tech-worthy buzzwords.

Given the hype, it is often difficult to separate the technology from the marketing. Entrepreneurs need to understand what the technology actually does and the problems it solves.

In this talk by Seth Juarez, learn how AI and ML work, the kinds of problems it solves, and what the implications of its use are for your startup.

Armed with this practical knowledge, you’ll be able to make better decisions about where to start and how you can use machine learning and AI in your businesses.

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What exactly is the difference is between Keras and TensorFlow?

! Keras is actually integrated into TensorFlow. It’s a wrapper around the TensorFlow backend

Technically speaking, you could use Keras with a variety of potential backends.

But what exactly does that mean?

Basically, you are able to make any Keras call you need from within TensorFlow.

You get to enjoy the TensorFlow backend, while leveraging the simplicity of of Keras.

Here’s a great article on Medium that walks you through the process of creating a neural network with Keras.

Machine learning is a trend that you cannot miss out on when developing an Android mobile app for the digital era

Remember Tony Stark’s assistant Jarvis? or HAL? Or the computer on Star Trek?

With machine learning taking off the way it has, this is not science fiction anymore.

You very likely have a personal assistant very similar to Jarvis in real life.

Siri/Cortana/Alexa/Google understands you, uses neural networks to study your patterns, and enables personalized settings just for you.

The mobile app market is fast-evolving. When the statement “there is an app for everything” made by Apple’s then-CEO came forth, it was not taken very seriously. However, the way the mobile apps are being consumed, the new truth is that not only do you have an app for […]

We are in the midst of transforming every industry.

Here’s a great overview (from an financial angle) on how AI is transforming the food processing industry.

Food processing is a complex industry, encompassing everything, from sorting raw materials, following the right production process, maintaining machinery to ensuring that the final product is on par with standards. But now, food processing can be easily monitored by AI-powered applications that not only do what humans do but […]

Python and Scala are two of the most popular languages used in data science and analytics.

Not too long ago, the data science language debate was centered around R vs. Python. Now the chatter has shifted towards Python vs. Scala.

Both languages provide great support in order to create cutting edge data analytics projects efficiently.

This article from Analytics India Magazine lists the differences between these two popular languages.

Accelerate and optimize machine learning models regardless of training framework using ONNX and ONNX Runtime. This episode introduces both ONNX and ONNX Runtime and provides an example of ONNX Runtime accelerating Bing Semantic Precise Image Search.

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In this interview on the Microsoft Research Podcast, Dr. Brian Broll gives us an overview of the work he did and the experience he had as a Microsoft AI Resident, talks about his passion for making complex concepts easier and more accessible to novices and young learners, and tells us how growing up on a dairy farm in rural Minnesota helped prepare him for a life in computer science solving some of the toughest problems in AI.