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Contents tagged with Dogs

  • Dogs Gone Sci Fi

    Tags: Humor, Dogs, Comic, Fun

    Here’s a cute cartoon of the many faces of a Corgi. The Dogtor made me LOL. Funny read for a stormy Monday afternoon. [found via AllTop]

  • Origins of the Dog

    Tags: Dogs, Science

    According to new research, dogs have their origins in China. Wolves evolved into man’s best friend south of the Yangtze River in what is now China, according to a new study. These findings, which contradict a 2010 paper suggesting that wolves became dogs in the Middle East, represent the latest …

  • Brilliant Star Wars Dog Mashup

    Tags: Dogs, Star Wars

    It’s a set up for a Volkswagen commercial that will premiere during the Super Bowl and mighty darn cute if you like dogs or Star Wars.

  • Dog Uses the Surface

    Tags: FWTV, Dogs, Surface, Funny

    Everyone in my house loves using the Surface. Write apps your dog will want to use.  Sign up at 

  • Thrift Shop Parody Pet Shop

    Tags: Dogs, Parody, Video, Music

    Here’s a cute music video parody with dogs of Macklemore’s Thrift Shop (language warning). There’s also a behind the scenes segment, which I can appreciate more now that I’ve taken up video production as a hobby.