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  • Introducing JobsRadar

    Tags: Windows 8, Public Sector, Jobs, Open Data, Open Gov, Geospatial

    What happens when you take open government data, Twitter, Bing maps and Windows 8? A whole lot of mash up awesome sauce. I’d like to introduce you to JobsRadar, an app my team has been working on to showcase the use of Windows 8 in the public sector. As the name implies, the focus of JobsRadar is …

  • COM Geo 2012 Highlights Video

    Tags: Geospatial, Conference

    Earlier this month, I spoke at the 2012 COM Geo conference. The organizers of the event have produced two highlights reels. You have to see some of the topics to believe them. #ReallySmartPeople   COM.Geo 2012 Keynotes Highlights (2 minutes) COM.Geo 2012 Panels Highlights (3 minutes 39 …

  • The GPS System Time and Einstein

    Tags: Science, GPS, Geospatial

    It turns out that the onboard clocks on the GPS satellites have to be slowed down so that they appear to run accurately from the surface of the earth. Why? Due to relativity, gravity and motion. Watch the video. Very interesting.

  • Archeology from Space

    Tags: Archeology, Space, TED, Science, Geospatial, Open Data

    In this TED talk by Sarah Parcak, she talks about integrating satellite imagery in archeology. Using this technology, archeologists found a city lost for thousands of years. It’s interesting to note how they used topology data from NASA. What else is out there?