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  • The Internet is Boring

    Tags: Humor

    From the Joy of Tech, an explanation of why productivity is up.   [found via AllTop]

  • New Rules of Work Posters

    Tags: Humor, Work

    Here’s a series of posters from creative studio the Division of Labor on rules for the modern workplace. [found via AllTop]

  • The Facebook Bed

    Tags: Social Media, Humor, Design, Furniture, FaceBook

    Do you know someone who lives and breathes facebook? Well, now they can live, breathe and sleep facebook in this specially designed concept bed. It’s a very clever design for compact spaces: you get a bed and a desk in a very compact space, even if it’s a little weird. [found via AllTop]

  • Errors Abound

    Tags: Errors, Humor

    Now that IHeartRadio has an app for the XBOX, I can listen to radio stations from around the US, 

     While browsing New York radio stations, I noticed an encoding error.

    Zoomed in for detail.

    Just goes to show you that everyone has encoding issues.

  • Sci Fi Film Alphabet

    Tags: Geek Pride, Geek, SciFi, Humor

    I saw this on AllTop and it’s too good not to share. If you enjoyed testing your knowledge of films throughout the decades with Stephen Wildish’s previous work, have a go at his latest alphabet covering the sci-fi genre. Full story at Stephen Wildish via Laughing Squid.

  • Strange Stock Photo Guy

    Tags: Windows 8, Metro, Events, Humor, Chevy Chase

    In my last post about the Metro Accelerator Lab in Chevy Chase next week, I didn’t notice how out of place the choice of stock photo was. Of all the options available, this was the best one? Seriously? How about this: Chevy Chase. Get it?

  • Angry Birds Candy

    Tags: Humor, Games

    The real question is: what happens when you pig out on Angry Birds candy? Does the universe implode?

  • Y U No Metro All Things

    Tags: Metro, Meme, Windows 8, Humor

    After a while using Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8, it’s easy to get frustrated at other UI paradigms on other platforms. To capture this frustration, I created a little meme.  

  • Email Then and Now

    Tags: Humor, Internet

    I saw this on Facebook and it’s too good not to cross post. What a difference a decade (or more) makes.

  • JavaScript is Everywhere

    Tags: JavaScript, Humor

    It used to be confined to the browser. Now it’s on the server. That’s right, JavaScript is freakin’ Everywhere. (from my Dr. Scriptlove talk)  

  • Ouch CoderWall

    Tags: Geek, Humor

    I just signed up for a CoderWall account and saw this on my welcome screen. Not cool, CoderWall, not cool. Mocking Visual Basic is lame. It was lame in the 90s and it’s not cool now. And the IE6 joke, that’s just hitting below the belt.

  • How Much Would It Cost to Be Batman

    Tags: Infographics, Humor, Fun

    In case you’ve ever day dreamed of becoming a crime fighter, here’s the budget to match up with Bruce Wayne. For what it’s worth, that’s less than what FaceBook paid for Instagram.