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  • Finding a Niche

    Tags: Career, Developers, Interesting

    The Freakanomics blog has an interesting anti-pattern for a software engineering career. I was chatting with a 70-year-old man who is an independent “software engineer”—a programmer. I asked him how he keeps up with all the young hot-shots who know the latest fancy programming languages. Simple, …

  • Secrets of Agile UX

    Tags: UX, Interesting, SlideShare, Design

    Here’s an interesting slide deck I found on SlideShare about Agile UX. Agile UX – How To Avoid Big Design Up Front By Pretending Not To Do Big Design Up Front View more presentations from sparrk

  • Designing for Bears

    Tags: SlideShare, UX, Design, Interesting

    Here’s an interesting slide deck on “Designing for Bears” that should help reboot the way you approach user experience design. Designing for Bears View more presentations from Lucy Spence

  • A Day in the Internet Infographic

    Tags: Infographics, Internet, Interesting

    The size and scope of the internet is hard to fathom for techies. Clearly, it’s also hard to fathom for traditional media companies, politicians and regulators. Just the fact that SOPA was even written testifies to that fact. Here’s a visualization of the amount of data consumed and created on the …

  • A Frozen Moment in Time

    Tags: Gif, Interesting, Cinegraph

    The animated GIF is enjoying somewhat of a renaissance. Cinegraph is a handy little app for the Nokia Lumia 920, that lets you “film” a short animated GIF. Here’s one from today’s MoDevUX 2013 Hack-a-thon in Clarendon, VA and it captures the interesting mementoes on someone’s desk.

  • Twin Towers from the ATT Archives

    Tags: WTC, Telecom, Interesting, History

    The construction of the World Trade Center was the engineering feat of the 1970s. Watching this film points out that a modern skyscraper needs more than concrete and steel to connect tenants to the world.  From the video’s description: After 9/11, it was reported that one of the few things …