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  • Kinect SDK DC Launch Now Online

    Tags: NUI, Silverlight SIG, SilverlightDC

    Speaking of NUI, the KinectSDK DC Launch with Joshua Blake event was an amazing success. Based on popular demand, we streamed the event live and recorded it for posterity. You can watch the UStream recording here (which has an odd pitch) or the corrected YouTube version. Sadly, our fancy title …

  • Surface 2.0 SDK Launches

    Tags: Surface, Surface 2.0, SDK, Windows 7, NUI, MultiTouch

    The Surface 2.0 SDK just launched and it’s open to everyone.

    There’s even a developer center on MSDN to help get you started, complete with online training, design & interaction guide and forums.

    Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


    Design …

  • The Kinect Effect

    Tags: Kinect, Kinect SDK, NUI

    Here’s a very cool video demonstrating the awesome things people have done with Kinect and how a whole new community of enthusiasts is directing the future of NUI.

  • Microsoft Research Augmented Projectors

    Tags: Microsoft Research, Augmented Reality, NUI, Cool

    Here’s a very cool video from Microsoft Research showing off some amazing augmented reality technology. A project titled Augmented Projectors shows the potential to augment environments with digital graphics – this becomes particularly interesting when the projector has an awareness of the …

  • Silverlight SIG Hands on With Surface 2

    Tags: Surface, Surface 2.0, NUI, Josh Blake, InfoStrat

    Surface 2! That's right, the cool new version of the groundbreaking technology. Local MVP Josh Blake's company, InfoStrat, has a brand new unit and has invited us to their offices in DC to play with the device in person.  Developing multi-touch applications with Surface 2 Josh Blake …

  • Hotel Room of the Future

    Tags: Kinect, Travel, Hotels, Hospitality, NUI, Cool, Future

    Microsoft has teamed up with Novotel to create a concept of “the hotel room of the future.” Sounds like a good excuse to go back to Paris. Tech giant Microsoft has teamed up with Novotel to unveil the ‘hotel room of the future’ equipped with the latest technology and gadgets. Room 3120 at the …

  • Voice Commands in Windows Phone 8

    Tags: Windows Phone, WP8, Voice, NUI

    In this great article, Peter Kuhn covers everything you need to know about adding custom voice commands to your Windows Phone 8 apps. It also has one of the most surreal diagrams you will ever find in a technical article.   For more information about Windows Phone 8 app development, get with …

  • A Thought Controlled Helicopter

    Tags: Science, Engineering, Gadgets, Future, NUI

    Researchers at the University of Minnesota have been able to control a small helicopter using only the thoughts in their minds. [Watch video]   Best of all, it’s completely non-invasive. So there won’t be the need to a Matrix style implant at the base of your skull.