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  • Four Microsoft Technologies That Could Impact Government

    Tags: Public Sector, Windows 8

    Government Technology has a great article on four technologies that could impact government. Here are the four technologies highlighted: Touch-based Windows 8. Kinect for PC. Cloud for election technology and information. Hybrid cloud strategy to meet agency needs. As an added bonus for my ego, …

  • Public Sector CIO Summit Photos

    Tags: Public Sector, Photos

    Here are some photos from my recent trip to Redmond for the Public Sector CIO Summit, MVP Summit, and a special training event. Here are the Public Sector CIO Summit Photos: Giving a Windows 8 demo at press briefing at the Public Sector CIO Summit. The Kinect for Windows booth at the Public …

  • Introducing JobsRadar

    Tags: Windows 8, Public Sector, Jobs, Open Data, Open Gov, Geospatial

    What happens when you take open government data, Twitter, Bing maps and Windows 8? A whole lot of mash up awesome sauce. I’d like to introduce you to JobsRadar, an app my team has been working on to showcase the use of Windows 8 in the public sector. As the name implies, the focus of JobsRadar is …

  • Free Webcasts on Agile Dev in Waterfall Government

    Tags: Public Sector, TFS, Agile, Development

    Here’s a great webcast series from my team at Microsoft on being an Agile Developer in the government, which is almost exclusively a waterfall environment. Agile Dev in Waterfall Government: Introducing GovDev for TFS 2010 April 13: April 24: …

  • Steel Drum Musical Interlude from FOSE 2012

    Tags: FOSE, FOSE 2012, Public Sector, Music

    Right next to the Mobile Apps Experience area, there was a huge booth featuring a steel drum band. While I didn’t like having to out talk them during my presentation, I did enjoy their music. Here’s a video clip of them playing Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girls”

  • Hard Drive Destroyer Demo from FOSE 2012

    Tags: FOSE, FOSE 2012, Public Sector, Security

    Most organizations want to preserve and save their data from catastropic hard drive destruction. That’s not always true with some public sector customers: they want to obliterate data with zero chance of anyone, anywhere being able to extract data from old hard drives. One company has basically …

  • FOSE Photos

    Tags: FOSE, FOSE 2012, Public Sector

    Here are some photos I took at the FOSE 2012 trade show last week in Washington, DC. FOSE takes place annually in Washington, DC. The first rule of GovClub is you don’t talk about GovClub.   The GEICO Gecko is taller in person. Panel discussion on Cloud Computing in the Government. …

  • Seven Great Open Government Data Sources

    Tags: Open Data, Open Gov, Public Sector

    If you’re thinking about Open Government data (or writing a Windows 8 app that uses open data), then here are seven more sites to add to your list of data sources.   POPVOXPOPVOX tracks all of the bills in Congress, and how members vote. If you sign up and give your information, the site will …

  • Startup Weekend DC GOV 2

    Tags: Public Sector, Startup, DC

    Startup Weekend proudly presents its second-ever pilot event focused on fostering innovation & entrepreneurship in the public sector.

    In partnership with Code for America, we invite you to join us on June 15-17, 2012, at Microsoft’s Chevy Chase office to solve real-life problems faced by …

  • National Zoo App for Windows 8

    Tags: Public Sector, Win8, Windows 8

    The National Zoo app for Windows 8 is now available in the Store. This free app lets you experience the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, DC from anywhere in the world: watch live video feeds from the Zoo’s webcams browse the National Zoo’s Flickr feed read the Zoo’s Tweets view upcoming …

  • Hey I Know That App

    Tags: Windows 8, Public Sector, Apps, Windows Store, Mary Jo Foley

    Congrats to local DC developer Scott Lock for his app being singled out on Mary Jo Foley’s blog: Granted, she didn’t write about the app. But it’s a screen shot of a public sector application and local smart guy, so it’s all good.

  • Sharing Rich Media in SharePoint 2013

    Tags: SharePoint, Media, Public Sector, Training

    Think that rich media (podcasts, vlogs, etc) are all fun and games? Don’t be so quick to judge. Not necessarily: think of all the opportunities that exist for training and communications inside an organization.  Think of the potential cost savings for federal agencies: training could be done …