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  • The C64 Turns 30

    Tags: C64, Retro, Geek, Geek Pride, Nostalgia

    This week the Commodore 64 turns 30. That’s right, it was 30 years ago this week that the C64 made its public debut at CES. The original 'breadbox' Commodore 64 designSource: Wikimedia The C64 holds the record as the most successful 8-bit home PC, with the last one rolling off the assembly line in …

  • The Wrong Diskette

    Tags: Errors, Humor, Retro

    Just after inserting an SD chip, I was treating with this error message. This might be the first time in about a decade that I saw Windows use the term “diskette.” In case you’re wondering, this error message came from Explorer in Windows 8.