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  • Another Use for Kinect

    Tags: Kinect, Fun, Technology

    You may have heard about surgeons use Kinect in the operating room to avoid touching a mouse & keyboard when looking at MRI/CT imagery.  This helps to avoid having to re-scrub since they don’t actually touch anything. Well, this is useful for the home, too. While helping to make …

  • Blogging from the Sky

    Tags: Frank's World, Technology

    Now that I’m my way back from Vegas, I have a ton of emails to catch up on.  Since I didn’t take my usual red eye back, I had the chance to try out in-flight internet. I have to say, that while the speeds have not been consistent, I am quite happy with the service. Better yet, since Virgin …

  • 10 Things Your Kids May Never See

    Tags: Fatherhood, Technology, Get Off My Lawn

    The relentless march of technology means that from childhood to adulthood a great deal of technologies come and go. My son, who’s three, expects every screen to be a touch screen and takes ubiquitous broadband internet for granted. Some time ago, I came up with a similar list. If he only knew the …