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  • Free Webcast: Modern C++ Development This Thursday

    Tags: Webcast, C++, Training

    Pluralsight is having a webcast this Thursday on modern C++ development this Thursday, July 14   Free Webcast: Modern C++ Development - Thursday C++ may be nearly 30 years old, but parts of it are much newer than that. In this webcast Kate will show some of the changes to the language and …

  • HTML5 Video Tutorials

    Tags: HTML5, Training

    Fellow Microsoft DE, J. Michael Palermo IV, has posted a bunch of HTML5 WebCamp videos. Great stuff! Intro to HTML5 Introduction and overview of HTML5 technologies. Practical HTML5 How to develop HTML5 in the real world. HTML5 & CSS3 Combining HTML5 with CSS3 techniques. Audio, Video, …

  • Windows 8 Developer Camps

    Tags: Windows 8, Developer Community, Training

    Now that you’ve learned about the massive opportunity space that is Windows 8, here is a list of free one day training events taking place all around the US. (courtesy of Andrew Duthie) Speaking of Andrew, he and I are doing the two Windows 8 Camps in the DC area: one in Chevy Chase, MD and the …

  • DC Area Windows 8 Camps

    Tags: Windows 8, Developer Community, Training, DC, Windows 8 Camps

    If you’re excited about learning how to write Windows 8 Metro apps, but you want to stick to your side of the “Potomac Ocean,” then have I got good news to you: there’s going to be two Windows 8 Camps in DC.

    That’s right: one in Virginia [info | registration | add to …

  • Creating HTML5 Windows 8 Apps with Blend

    Tags: HTML5, Windows 8, Video, Training

    SitePoint’s HTML5 Developer Center has a great link to seven videos that walk you through creating an HTML5 Windows 8 App with Blend. Fellow Developer Evangelist Dr. Doris Chen leads you through all the videos. If you liked these videos, be sure to sign up at 30 to Launch, where you can opt in to …

  • Free Training for Windows Phone 8 Development

    Tags: Windows Phone, Free, Training, Events

    There’s a number of free developer training events happening around the country to help developers get up to speed on Windows Phone development.   Location Date Tampa, FL 2/15 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 2/25 New York, NY 2/27 Chevy Chase, MD 3/7 Alpharetta, GA 3/8 DC Area Developers Take …

  • Sharing Rich Media in SharePoint 2013

    Tags: SharePoint, Media, Public Sector, Training

    Think that rich media (podcasts, vlogs, etc) are all fun and games? Don’t be so quick to judge. Not necessarily: think of all the opportunities that exist for training and communications inside an organization.  Think of the potential cost savings for federal agencies: training could be done …