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Contents tagged with WP8

  • Where No Phone Has Gone Before

    Tags: WP8, Space, Finland, Nokia 920, Reward

    The Finnish retailer Verkkokauppa sent a Lumia 920 into space via balloon. They wanted to see how far the device could reach until the balloon burst for it to then travel back down to Earth. The Windows Phone managed to achieve a height of 30km, spending more than 27 minutes in sub-zero …

  • Windows Phone App OData Client Tools

    Tags: OData, Windows Phone, WP8, AppDev, WP7

    The OData Client Tools for Windows Phone 8 brings OData V3 support to the Windows Phone platform. Specifically, this tool extends the “Add Service Reference” menu item to include support for client-side OData support in Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 application projects. Download the …

  • Voice Commands in Windows Phone 8

    Tags: Windows Phone, WP8, Voice, NUI

    In this great article, Peter Kuhn covers everything you need to know about adding custom voice commands to your Windows Phone 8 apps. It also has one of the most surreal diagrams you will ever find in a technical article.   For more information about Windows Phone 8 app development, get with …