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Somasegar Explains Beta 2 Delay

Personally, I didn't really notice that VS 2005 Beta delay.  It was supposed to ship at the end of March, but only was posted to MSDN Online on Sunday.

S. Somasegar, VP of the Developer Division, explains the delays on his blog.

The line that grabbed my attention was:

“I always tell people that 2 years from now, nobody (well almost nobody) will remember the exact date we shipped a product, but people will absolutely remember whether it was a quality product or not.“

Amen to that! Pushing software out the door just to meet a delivery date has never been a good strategy.

“However, we ended up holding Beta 2 for a few weeks because we wanted to get to the right level of quality for this Beta 2 release to enable go-live license and production deployments of applications built on Visual Studio 2005 Beta2.“

In my opinion, the Go-Live license was well worth the wait.  I count myself among the many developers salivating over the new features in ASP.NET 2.0 ever since I saw them demo'd at DevDays 2004.  DevDays 2004 was over a year ago and I so deperately wanted to deploy .NET Framework 2.0 solutions.

Aside from the legal complications, running a production system on a Beta level product is never a good idea, especially when you consider that the DVD handed out during DevDays was a “developer preview,”  the Microsoft term for an alpha release.

Now, I can seriously talk clients into going ahead with a .NET Framework 2.0 solution without too much fear and loathing.

So, the two weeks was worth it to me.

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