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Team System Isn't Expensive After All

When Visual Studio Team System's pricing was announced, controversy ensued.  Many thought the new product was too expensive.  Other were simply ticked off that MSDN Universal wasn't all that universal anymore.  

Microsoft has not done a stellar job of managing expectations here and the MSDN Universal subscribers have been yelling the loudest, since they expect their Universal subscription to get them everything. MSDN Universal was never really all that universal, despite the name may imply. 

But, as Darrel Norton points out, VSTS is a bargain compared to other products in its space.  This was something that was brought up at Tech Ed last month when the inevitable complaint about VSTS' cost comes up. 

If you don't like VSTS' prices, then VSTS is probably not for you.  It's meant for enterprises where the competition, ie. ClearCase, is more expensive by a factor of ten. It's not meant for the lone consultant to shell out the extra money to have.

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