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Silverlight Isolated Storage Paths on Windows and MacOS

Sure, it’s easy to find out where Isolated Storage files in Silverlight can be found on disk for Windows.

But what about on the Mac? It’s surprisingly hard to find.

Thankfully, with a bit of searching, I came across this article.

For future reference and to make this easier to find for others,  here are all the default paths on the various platforms that Silverlight supports*.


Path on Disk

Windows 7 and Windows Vista


Windows XP

%userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Silverlight\is



Why, you ask?

This came up  in writing my Silverlight book. I wanted to show developers that storing sensitive data unencrypted in Isolated Storage was a cosmically bad idea. Developers that don’t take security issues seriously need to be shown that, with a little bit of searching, this data can be dug up in its raw format and read.

For those that ignore the real dangers, I wanted a concrete example of how they can poke around their hard drive and how easy it is to do. Hopefully, they’ll get the message.


* – Conspicuously absent is Linux. But this information is even harder to find. Keep in mind that the Moonlight project is about a version behind. Moonlight 2, which I believe has feature-set parity with Silverlight 2, was released December 17, 2009.


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