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Mix10 Session Downloader

I’ve created a very basic downloading tool for grabbing all the MIX10 Session Content.

Absolutely, no frills, in the UI . Seriously.

Downloads are all synchronous. Did I mention it was a no frills, quick and dirty app?

It’s alpha code all the way.

On the plus side, it renames the files to something more friendly than just the session code.

For example: “CL02” becomes “CL02_Authoring for Windows Phone, Silverlight 4 and WPF 4 with Expression Blend.wmv

It’s based heavily on my no-frills PDC09 Downloader with a few improvements.

The primary improvement is that it screen scrapes directly from the MIX10 site. There’s no longer the intermediary step of me creating an XML file based on the HTML. I do that programmatically now.

The app also creates a sub-director for each content type: WMV, WMVHigh, Slides, and MP4.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download from [20k zip file]
  2. Pick a directory and the program will download all the MIX10 sessions listed on
  3. Click on the checkboxes to choose which content you want to download
  4. Click the Start Download Button
  5. Let simmer for a few hours (or days) depending on your internet connection
  6. When it’s done, the program will show a dialog box of any errors it encountered.
  7. If you need to stop it, close the program and delete any unfinished downloads: the program is smart enough to pick up missing files.

I’ll post the source code soon here on as soon as I clean it up a bit.

UPDATE: Removed dependency on .NET 4.0 Thanks to Daniel McCoy for pointing that out!

UPDATE 2: Removed bug that stopped download of sessions with “|“ and “:“ in the session title.

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