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MIX11 Session Downloader

I’ve created a WPF based MIX11 session downloader. [Download 11k Zip]

First, click “Load Session List” to scrape all the session data from the MIX11 website.


Next, pick a directory to download the files to. Then choose a file type format.

Select the sessions you wish to download video for. To select them all, click “Select All Sessions.”


To start the download, click “Download!”

This is a *very rough* app, downloads are synchronous, and there is no error reporting.

Furthermore, not all sessions have media files available in all formats. “There’s an URI for that” session, for example, is available only in WMV HD.

I hope to get to work on this more later in the week, but I wanted to share this as soon as possible.

If you prefer command line tools, @yuriylsh created a command line tool using wget.

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