The godfather of AI is working on a new way for machines to see

The Godfather of AI is Working on a New Way for Machines to See

Geoffrey Hinton, aka the Godfather of AI, has been instrumental in the AI revolution we are now living in. However, he's not content just to... Details
Report: DeepMind will control any artificial general intelligence it creates, not Alphabet/Google

DeepMind will Control Any Artificial General Intelligence It Creates, Not Alphabet/Google

DeepMind is definitely at the top of its game with cutting edge projects like AlphaGo, AlphaStar, and, most recently, AlphaFold, but it has even bigger... Details
Could OpenAI's 'too dangerous to release' language model be used to mimic you on online? Yes, says this chap: I built a bot to prove it

Could OpenAI’s ‘Too Dangerous to Release’ Language Model Be Used to Impersonate You Online?

OpenAI raised some eyebrows last month when it announced it had figured out a way to get an AI to write more naturally. They, however,... Details
The Eve of Disruption

The Eve of Disruption

While grabbing coffee at a recently renovated McDonald's, Frank ponders the future of work: both low-skill and higher skill work. There's going to be no... Details
The Amazing Ways John Deere Uses AI And Machine Vision To Help Feed 10 Billion People

How John Deere Uses AI And Machine Vision To Help Feed 10 Billion People

Here's an interesting article in Forbes on how John Deere is using computer vision to optimize agricultural output. In just 30 years’ time, it is... Details
The 'Godfather of Deep Learning' on Why We Need to Ensure AI Doesn't Just Benefit the Rich

The ‘Godfather of Deep Learning’ on Why We Need to Ensure AI Doesn’t Just Benefit the Rich

In this interview with Geoffrey Hinton, Martin Ford asks the pioneering AI researcher about the economics of a world dominated by AI and what to... Details
Discrete Math

Discrete Math

When I was in college one of my favorite subjects was Discrete Mathematics. In this video, Siraj Raval explains what it is and he does... Details
Winnipeg Airport Unveils Self-Driving Snowplow Named Otto

Winnipeg Airport Unveils Self-Driving Snowplow Named Otto

The interesting thing about autonomous vehicle technology is that it's not just about cars. Here's an interesting story about an autonomous snowplow in Canada. Otto,... Details
A Chinese subway is experimenting with facial recognition to pay for fares

Subway System in China is Experimenting with Facial Recognition to Pay Fares

In something straight out of science fiction, the high tech city of Shenzhen, a local subway operator is testing facial recognition subway access, powered by... Details
AI Business School

AI Business School

I am excited that I can now finally talk about this initiative publicly: an online AI training course geared towards business decision makers. Is your... Details