Top 5 barriers to AI security adoption

Top 5 Barriers to AI Security Adoption

Here's an enlightening look at the state of applying AI to security applications. From this article in TechRepublic: Artificial intelligence (AI) holds a great deal... Details
‘Godfathers of AI’ honored with Turing Award, the Nobel Prize of computing

‘Godfathers of AI’ Honored with Turing Award, the Nobel Prize of Computing

Yoshua Bengio, Geoffrey Hinton, and Yann LeCun may not be household names, but their work definitely is. In fact, you've interacted with the descendants their... Details
Computer vision technology could aid ICU care by spotting movement

Computer Vision Helping ICU Care by Spotting Movement

AI is set to disrupt every field and every industry. Healthcare, in particular, seems primed for disruption. Here's an interesting project out of Stanford. "One... Details
The Existential Risks of AI and Biotechnology and What Does Humanity’s Future Hold

The Existential Risks of AI and Biotechnology and What Does Humanity’s Future Hold

Here’s a video focusing on the “existential risks” facing humanity and why the 21st century is like no other. While I think some of this... Details
Age of AI Infographic

Age of AI Infographic

I love infographics and I love AI. When you combine the two, you definitely get my attention. Here's an interesting look at the history of... Details
Physicists train the oscillatory neural network to recognize images

Physicists Train Oscillatory Neural Network to Recognize Images

Here's an interesting article on "oscillatory neural networks" and how physicists trained it to perform image recognition. An oscillatory neural network is a complex interlacing... Details
Kicking neural network design automation into high gear

Kicking Neural Network Design Automation into High Gear

Here's another article on the advances made on neural network design. A new area in artificial intelligence involves using algorithms to automatically design machine-learning systems... Details
NVIDIA GauGAN neural network makes masterpieces out of doodles

GauGAN Neural Network Makes Masterpieces Out of Doodles

Soon, AI will make artists of us all -- no matter how well (or how poorly) you can draw. Check out this article on GauGAN.... Details
Google open-sources GPipe, a library for efficiently training large deep neural networks

Google Open-Sources Library for Efficiently Training Large Deep Neural Nets

Last last week, Google’s AI research division open-sourced GPipe, a library for “efficiently” training deep neural networks under Lingvo, a TensorFlow framework for sequence modeling.... Details
Shark or Baseball? Inside the ‘Black Box’ of a Neural Network

Shark or Baseball? Inside the ‘Black Box’ of a Neural Network

Generally speaking, Neural Networks are somewhat of a mystery. While you can understand the mechanics and the math that powers them, exactly how the network... Details