Learn how to use Azure Maps (aka.ms/MapsTechCommunity) to analyze a catchment area around a retail store. ShiSh

Shridhar, Principal PM in the Azure IoT Team , who spent 15 years on the Microsoft Industry Retail team, will demo how to build a catchment analysis for a café in downtown Seattle.

Learn how Azure Maps can pull in data on locations, competitors, traffic, and public transit through Microsoft partnerships with TomTom and Moovit.

Azure Maps also ingests data from any data provider including companies that offer human mobility data.

Watch the video below to see how a catchment analysis can help a retailer analyze business disruptors, decide where best to open a store, or identify opportunities for expanding business.

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You can now derive rich insights from your IoT data in Azure Time Series Insights using advanced visualization options.

The team has introduced  several new capabilities into TSI Explorer since we launched last December. These include significant Performance improvements, new Explorations like Scatter Plots & Heatmaps, as well as an enhanced JS SDK and more. Rahul Kayal, PM in the TSI team walks us through the latest additions and enhancements in TSI.

Check this video out to learn more.     

Try Azure Time Series Insights today: https://aka.ms/tsipreview
Check out the JS SDK for TSI in action: https://aka.ms/tsiclientdemos
Try Azure IoT for free today: https://aka.ms/aft-iot