Jimmy Campbell is back to show Scott Hanselman how to use App Configuration for feature management.

Traditionally, shipping a new application feature requires a complete redeployment of the application itself, and testing a feature often requires multiple deployments of the application. Now you can use feature flags in App Configuration to grant early access to new app functionality in production.


  • [0:00:00]- Introduction
  • [0:00:24]- Episode start
  • [0:03:47]- Demo: Simple feature flags
  • [0:06:56]- Exploring the code
  • [0:12:26]- Demo: Conditional processing with feature filters
  • [0:19:35]- Episode wrap-up

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Azure App Configuration is a developer-focused service in Azure that manages and distributes application settings.

It helps implement patterns, such as the 12-factor app, and is particularly useful for cloud native and other distributed applications.

In this video, learn how you can use Azure App Configuration to simplify management of and secure access to your application settings.

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